Volunteering is a process of creating something meaningful for others and sharing amazing moments together. It is a way to help yourself by helping others. It is an opportunity to serve people and make the world a better place. Being a volunteer in different projects across the world gave me a chance to learn more about myself, meet incredible people and feel empowered.


European Volunteering Service “Organize Brave Kids with us”

February 2014 – December 2014, Wroclaw, Poland

Organizing Brave Kids 2014, fundraising, logistics, creating a program for artistic leaders, editing website, translations, copywriting, creating documentary films, photography.

EVS volunteer at Foundation “Prom”

September 2014 – December 2014, Wroclaw, Poland

Making presentations for the club for marginalized members of society with mental disabilities.

Volunteer at NGO “Polites”

December 2012 – April 2017, Szczecin, Poland

Creating short video presentations, radio spots, reportage photography of NGO events. I was also a mentor for two EVS volunteers, which involved ongoing evaluation and constant support in social and cultural adaptation for them during the project.

Photographer and journalist at NGO magazine “Szczecin in Progress”

Szczecin in Progress

December 2011- April 2012, Szczecin, Poland

Writing articles for the magazine, taking photos, and creating interactive photo projects such as ” Festiwal twarzy”.

Social project “Enter Your Future”

March 2011, Bialystok, Poland

Social project for high school students “Enter Your Future”, teaching about tolerance and cultural differences.

Work camp “Patrimony through the lens”

Instituto Portugues de Juventude

July 2009 – August 2019, Constancia Portugal

Creating a photo exhibition with other volunteers from all over the world using different methods of photography, including taking photos with pinhole, analog, and digital cameras.

Check out my short film about the life of five EVS volunteers in Wroclaw and a documentary about Brave Kids 2014 that were created during my EVS project in Poland.


  • “Writing projects for beginners” NGO “Umbrella”, 15.04.2014, Wroclaw, Poland
  • “Project Management for youth workers” NGO “Polites”, 26.01-01.02.2015, Szczecin, Poland
  • “Assertiveness in human relations” NGO “Polites”, 23.04.2012, Szczecin, Poland
  • “Introduction to the family and social mediations” NGO “Polites”, 19.04.2012, Szczecin, Poland
  • “Why become a volunteer?” NGO “Polites”,12.03.2012, Szczecin, Poland
  • “From idea to project”, Program Youth in action, NGO “Polites”, 17-18.12.2011, Kulice, Poland